Readers’ Advisory Blogs

February 25, 2012

Here are links to a couple of other Readers’ Advisory Blogs that provide books reviews and other interesting posts about book publishing and reading trends.

Reader’s Advisory Online Blog “Welcome to the blog for readers’ advisors and bibliophiles who work with readers. You’ll find essential news, tips, fun stuff, and a community for exploring RA issues. The blog is presented by the Reader’s Advisor Online”.

Early Word: The Publisher| Library Connection While this blog is written for librarians it valuable up-to-date information about newly published books. “This is a Blog and Web site on a mission — to give libraries the earliest information possible on the books their customers will be looking for, so they can stay ahead of demand. By giving readers what they want, when they want it, we believe libraries can increase their circulation and their support”.

Maud Newton A quirky blog with book reviews as well as posts about news in the literary world.

Reading the Past By Sarah Johnson, a reference librarian. The blog contains “reviews of new and backlist titles, offer occasional interviews and guest posts, post news and new publishing deals, and preview forthcoming titles, among other things”.

Shelf Awareness: Enlightenment for Readers  “Helps readers discover the 25 best books of the week, as chosen by our industry experts. We also have news about books and authors, author interviews and more”. Readers can subscribe to the newsletter or view them on the blog archive”. Readers can subscribe to the weekly newsletter or view the posting on the blog archive.

Blogging for a Good Book “Read a new review every day, Monday through Friday! The staff of the Williamsburg Regional Library in Virginia bring you short reviews of books, movies, and more!”


Books and Reading FAQs

April 6, 2010

Where can I find that list of the 100 best novels?

Does this old book that belonged to my grandmother have any monetary value?

Which books are the most often re-read?

The answers to all  these questions and more can be found at Frequently Asked Questions on Books and Reading on the American Library Association website.

The ALA has compiled more than 30 Fact Sheets on a variety of topics including the number of libraries in the U.S. (122,566) and the percent  of Public Libraries that offer internet access (98.7%).

So, the next time you find yourself wondering about where to donate all your gently used  books or just how many librarians there are, check out the ALA FAQs.

Photo of question mark (cc) by Leo Reynolds and republished here under a Creative Commons license.  Some rights reserved.

The Reading Room of the Rocky River Public Library

March 26, 2007

The Reading Room is designed to link authors and titles with other authors and titles the reader may enjoy. It consists of thousands of titles read and reviewed by Rocky River Public Library staff.

After a librarian reads the book, he or she completes The Reading Room review form with author, title, other authors or titles the reader may enjoy, descriptors (subject headings), a summary, a critique, and basic data such as publication date, format, and the initials of the staff member(s) who read this particular title.

A person searching the database can access by keyword any one of these fields to meet a particular need. For example, if a reader wants to find books which are British mysteries with a rural setting and a police detective, he or she can search by “mystery,” “British,” “rural,” and “police procedural” to compile a list of books to read.

Williamsburg Regional Library

September 18, 2006

WRL BOOKWEB A web site with resources for readers. Included is the online RA service, “Looking for a Good Book?” The reader completes a profile and a WRL librarian selects titles based on the profile.

Library Sites with Readers’ Advisory Resources

August 31, 2006

Cincinnati Public library (OH)
A web site with depth. Includes a “What’s Hot” blog, and lots of book reviews and book lists.

Logan Library (Utah)

Comprehensive set of booklists

Morton Grove Public Library (Illinois)

Booklists i.e. genre, Character, Setting, Subject, Author, Audience

Multnomah County Library (Portland, OR) book lists, staff picks, bestsellers etc.

Sachem Public Library (NY)

Great resource for titles that are “beyond bestsellers”. Booklists are focused on the unusual and alternative reading.