Bookish: A new website to find and learn about books

February 5, 2013

The book publishing industry has just released a new website, Bookish (, designed to “to engage more readers with more books, more authors and with one another.” The website, which was primarly funded by Simon & Schuster, Penguin Group USA, and Hachette Book Group, also includes books from 16 other publishers including major ones such as Random House.The Bookish website describes its purpose by stating:

Users will find a variety of tool on the website including:

Find your favorite books and authors–it’s easy! Our rich catalog includes book descriptions and author bios, related videos, other books by the author, Essential reading lists, the latest stories from around the web about specific books and authors and much more.

Explore our unique recommendation tool by inputting books you’ve recently read. Can’t settle on one title? Our dynamic tool lets you expand your search with multiple title selections.

Enjoy original book-related pieces, including author exclusives, essential reading lists and video interviews. Our staff of well-read editors cover books in 18 popular categories.

According to an article in the New York Times, Bookish was originally scheduled to go live in the summer of 2011, but was delayed due to updates to the site, including its book recommendation engine. The New York Times articles states,”its creators argue will be the most sophisticated available. Instead of relying essentially on the taste of other customers with similar preferences, as most recommendation engines do, Bookish’s tool takes into account critical reviews and awards. Eventually it will even reflect the insights derived from a reader’s own nuanced description of books — for example, that the reader found a book to be exciting but unsatisfying.”

The Huffington Post quotes the Bookish CEO Ardy Khazaei, “”Bookish was created to serve as a champion of books, writers and, most importantly, readers. Ultimately, we seek to expand the overall marketplace for books, and whether a book gets into a reader’s hands via Bookish’s e-commerce partner or another retailer, everyone – from the publisher, to the retailer, the author and the reader – wins.”

The site interface is very easy to use and book recommendation engine useful, if you are looking for a new book try it out!


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New York Times Book Review Podcast

January 26, 2013

If you enjoy reading the Sunday New York Times Book Review, the Book Review podcast is a great listening experience. The New York Times description of the podcast; “Sam Tanenhaus, the editor of the Book Review, talks to authors, editors and critics about new books, the literary scene and current best sellers.” The links to listen to all the podcasts in mp3 format can be found on the New York Times’ website: The podcast can also be downloaded through iTunes. Sam Tanenhaus is a great interviewer and the podcast always provides insight into the writing of articles in the Sunday Book Review and what is happening in the book publishing world.

2012 Pultizer Prize Winners: Letters, Drama and Music

April 21, 2012

The winners of the Pulitzer Prize were announced on April 16th, 2012. To the surprise of many, no award was given in the fiction category. Links to a selection of recent news articles published about the decision not to choose a winner from the 3 finalists (Train Dreams by Denis Johnson (Farrar, Straus and Giroux); Swamplandia! by Karen Russell (Alfred A. Knopf); and The Pale King by the late David Foster Wallace (Little, Brown and Company)) are listed below along with the complete listing of winners in the Letters, Drama, and Music categories.

Fiction: No Award

New York Times, News: Publishing Is Cranky Over Snub by Pulitzers By Julie Bosman

New York Times, Opinion: And the Winner Isn’t … By Ann Patchett

Huffington Post: And the Winner Is — Nobody by Joel Conarroe

The Economist Blog: The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction – Nobody wins


Water by the Spoonful by Quiara Alegría Hudes


Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention, by the late Manning Marable

Biography or Autobiography

George F. Kennan: An American Life by John Lewis Gaddis (The Penguin Press)


Life on Mars by Tracy K. Smith (Graywolf Press)

General Nonfiction

The Swerve: How the World Became Modern by Stephen Greenblatt (W.W. Norton & Company)


Silent Night: Opera in Two Acts by Kevin Puts (Aperto Press)

Commercial Sites (Book Publishers)

August 31, 2006

Book reviews, book search by subplot, author detailed book search.

listmania and “customers who bought this book also bought…”

Barnes and Noble
Fiction and nonfiction books listed by subject. Special features include a section for book clubs and the New york Times best Setter List

Random House
Books published by Random House organized by author, title and subject.

TimeWarner Books
Newly published books are highlighted and other titles are organized by category. Each book on this site has a short description of the plot.