Booklist’s List

Booklist magazine has released its 2009 list of the Top 10 Books in Religion & Spirituality.  Appearing in the November 15, 2009 issue, the top 10 include:

After the Prophet: the epic story of the Shia-Sunni split in Islam, by Lesley Hazelton.
Being an account based on early Islamic texts.

The Bible and the people by Lori Anne Ferrell.
A history of the interplay between the Word and readers.

The case for God by Karen Armstrong.
A lucid presentation of difficult ideas.

The Genesis enigma: why the Bible is scientifically accurate by Andrew Parker.
A biologist outlines what science believes really happened.

Losing my religion:  how I lost my faith reporting on religion in America–and found unexpected peace by William Lobdell.
A journalist’s personal journey of belief and non-belief.

All of the above titles as well as Booklist magazine are available at the Newton Free Library.  Click on the links to view the records in our catalog.  For the titles of the five remaining books, click  here.


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