Electronic Discussion Lists

The Fiction_L Listserv managed by the Morton Grove Public Library. Subscribe to the listserv to follow current issues in reader’s advisory services and ask questions http://www.webrary.org/rs/flmenu.html

Search the archives to find answers to RA questions. http://www.webrary.org/rs/FLarchive.html

DorothyL Listserv focused on Mystery writing. Subscribe through http://www.dorothyL.com Broader participant/audience including authors, publishers and librarians. More focused on the business of mystery writing, but does have some reader’s advisory threads. This list has a searchable archive. http://listserv.kent.edu/archives/dorothyl.html

GNLIB L Graphic Novels in Libraries Listserv for librarians interested in Graphic Novels. Subscribe through http://www.angelfire.com/comics/gnlib/ .

Archives: http://lists.topica.com/lists/gnlib-l/read

Science Fiction and Fantasy Listserv http://sun8.loc.gov/listarch/sf-lit.html Moderated by Library of Congress. Has “searchable” archives. 


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